Annual Meeting 2019: Assessing Informal Employment and Skills Needs: Approaches and Insights from Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring

Moscow, Russia, 03/10/2019 - 04/10/2019

So far, labour market observatories have mainly focused on monitoring formal employment. However, in many countries shadow economy plays an important role. It is difficult to measure the extent of informal employment as the economic activities carried out outside the norms and institutions take different forms, varying from subsistence farming to freelance work.

Among other things, the Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM will address the following aspects of informal employment:

  • Methods for monitoring the extent of informal employment and determining its different forms;
  • Main sectors employing large numbers of informal workers;
  • Reasons of employers and workers to engage in informal employment and the effects of these decisions on career paths;
  • Policy responses aiming to shape the transition from in formal to formal employment relationships.

The conference will present insights from different regions in Europe and beyond and will offer numerous opportunities for discussion and networking.

The meeting will take place at: Leninskiy avenue 32, Moscow (in Russian: «Ленинский проспект 32, Москва»). Most of you will need a visa and we would like to advise you to apply for the visa well in time. Please contact the Russian embassy/consulate in your country to find out about all the necessary paperwork for the visa application. In case you need a written invitation from our Russian colleagues, please contact Evgeniy Bartlin at the Russian Academy of Sciences:

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Akademicheskaya Hotel, in Russian: “Гостиница Академическая” (it is operated by the Russian Academy of Sciences) –

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Lux: €85 euro, no breakfast

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Korston Club Moscow, in Russian: “Корстон Клуб Москва” (expensive one, but nearest to the conference venue) –

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Superior room: €127, breakfast included

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