Anthology 2018

Developing Skills in a Changing World of Work: Concepts, Measurement and Data Applied in Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring Across Europe

Christa Larsen, Sigrid Rand, Alfons Schmid, Andrew Dean (Eds.)

Even though the growing importance of skills and competency development for retaining employability is undisputed, its specific implementation in the regions and localities in Europe needs to be explored. We are interested whether and how regional and local labour market observatories are involved in these processes. The following questions should be addressed in particular:

  • Which concepts or definitions of skills and competencies are used?
  • How can these be operationalised and measured?
  • Which quantitative and qualitative data sources relevant to this topic exist in regions and localities?

It is possible to introduce approaches, which are concerned with transferring informal knowledge and skills into formal structures and processes. The focus could be on the processes of competency measuring and their alignment with the formal structures and processes, for example in the VET system.