Annual Meeting 2019: Assessing Informal Employment and Skills Needs: Approaches and Insights from Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring

Moscow, Russia

So far, labour market observatories have mainly focused on monitoring formal employment. However, in many countries shadow economy plays an important role. It is difficult to measure the extent of informal employment as the economic activities carried out outside the norms and institutions take different forms, varying from subsistence farming to freelance work. Among other…

Annual Meeting 2018: Developing Skills in a Changing World of Work: Concepts, Measurement and Data Applied in Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring Across Europe

Exeter, UK

Many European regions and localities experience shortages of skilled labour arising from the growing impact of technological change in conjunction with globalisation and demographic developments. The changing world of work poses new requirements towards the skills  that are needed for acquiring and retaining employability. The Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM explored the transformation of…

Annual Meeting 2017: The Importance of Governance in Regional Labour Market Monitoring for Evidence-based Policy-making/Regional Labour Market Monitoring in Developing and Emerging Countries

Tirana, Albania

In 2017, the Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM took place in Tirana, the capital of the Republic of Albania. It was organised jointly with the GIZ, the German Development Co-operation. There are over 560 regional and local labour market observatories in Europe, which provide reliable and targeted information on the current and future developments in the…

Annual Meeting 2016: Digital (R)evolution and Its Effects on Labour: Opportunities and Challenges for Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring

Rovaniemi, Finland

Digitalisation is not a new phenomenon in the world of work—even though in some respect it has revolutionised the world of work in the past decades, it is a process that has followed an evolutionary course for a long period of time. There have been various attempts to assess its effects on labour in terms…

Annual Meeting 2015: Big Data and the Complexity of Labour Market Policies: New Approaches in Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring for Reducing Skills Mismatches

Milan, Italy

The Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM was concerned with innovative approaches to regional and local labour market monitoring through the use of Big Data. As the definition of Big Data and the opportunities for its utilisation are constantly evolving, it is important to acquire a solid understanding of the issues associated with its possible…

Annual Meeting 2014: Sustainable Economy and Sustainable Employment: Approaches to Measuring Sustainability in Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Sustainable economic activities are complex processes: they are often driven by contradictory or conflicting goals and strategies in regard to reaching a balance between economic growth, ecological goals and social concerns. Besides acknowledging the importance of technological and organisational innovations in these dynamic processes, the sustainability discourses are increasingly concerned with human resources. They address the…

Annual Meeting 2013: Shifting Roles of Regional and Local Labour Market Observatories Across Europe?

Bilbao, Spain

Over the years, regional and local labour market observatories have provided reliable and targeted labour market information and intelligence for regional and local decision-makers. Recent developments show that they are increasingly expected to fulfil tasks beyond mere data provision and analysis. Hence, they are emerging as interpreters, evaluators and mediators in regional and local governance…

Annual Meeting 2012: Skills Monitoring in European Regions and Localities

Cracow, Poland

Currently, skills shortages can be observed in different sectors and occupations and they are expected increase further. This will demand more skills, specialisation, improved education and training as the economic crisis has uncovered the existing gaps and the importance of tailored education and training. Also new jobs require innovative concepts and forms for training and…

Annual Meeting 2011: Measuring Geographical Mobility in Regional Labour Market Monitoring Approaches


Even though geographical mobility is relevant for regions and localities, the regional dimension does often not feature in the discourses on geographical mobility. Therefore, the Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM addressed the issue of measuring geographical mobility from the perspective of regional and local labour market monitoring. This concerns out-migration, which takes place in many rural…

Annual Meeting 2010: Reduction of Youth Unemployment Through Regional Labour Market Monitoring

Marseille, France

Fighting youth unemployment is an important goal of many labour market actors  at regional level. An important prerequisite for systematically devising strategies and applying measures for reducing youth unemployment and the associated instability is transparency concerning the dynamics of the regional labour market. With the instruments of regional labour market monitoring, a high degree of transparency can…