European-wide network for furthering labour market monitoring at regional and local level

The European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (EN RLMM) was founded in March 2006 at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. It seeks to develop further and diffuse the concepts and instruments used in regional labour market monitoring and to diffuse common methods for the study, research and analysis of this issue. In doing so, it brings together scientific expertise as well as experiences of practitioners at regional level. It also provides the framework to support networking between regional and local labour market observatories across Europe.

The EN RLMM unites international experts with sound backgrounds in theories, methods and application of regional and local labour market monitoring. Among the Network Members are labour market researchers as well as representatives of regional and local labour market observatories, labour market politics/administration, public employment services, statistical offices and consultancies from 32 European countries.
The more than 400 Members of our Network are strongly committed to cooperation and mutual learning. Different channels are available to their exchange:

  • Annual Meeting and European Day of the EN RLMM;
  • Annual Anthology of the EN RLMM;
  • Common projects involving several EN RLMM Members;
  • Regular newsletters.

The experts involved in the EN RLMM available for lectures, presentations, consulting or evaluation purposes. Everybody who is interested in exchange in the field of labour market monitoring is welcome to become a member of the EN RLMM. There is no membership fee. For registration, please contact the Network co-ordinator Dr. Christa Larsen (

Download the EN RLMM Flyer and the EN RLMM Membership Guide.


Topic for the network in 2022: The Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital and Green Transformation of Regional and Local Labour Markets across Europe. Perspectives on Employment, Training, Placement and Social Inclusion.

The “Decade of Action” to achieve sustainable development requires an appropriate functionality of regional and local labour markets as primary players of the digital and green transformation towards this shared strategic goal. The digital and green transformation of regional and local labour markets in Europe sets a fundamental orientation towards the future, which at the same time has to cope with existing challenges, some of which have been intensified by the pandemic. In this anthology, the functionalities of AI tools for the improvement of labour market functions, especially in respect to fair and socially sustainable work are explored. It is necessary to systematically specify where there is a need for action and how AI could contribute to solving them. Already known AI solutions should be taken into account and existing gaps should be identified. It is also of interest how the Public Employment Services (PES) could use AI tools to form their “new” role as regional and local nodes for labour market monitoring and consulting of labour market actors.

Please find here our call for papers for the annual anthology. The next network Annual Meeting will find place in Sardinien, Italy at 13. and 14. of Oktober 2022.

Please contact us for further information.